Season 1 Episodes 1-12

Season 1 Episodes 1-12

Full season 1.

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Season 1 Episodes 1-12

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  • Episode 1: When the Lights Went Out

    The seven member cast and crew of Tiffany McMillan’s cooking show are stranded on a farm when a solar flare hits. The preppers, led by Bubba and Carol, have been monitoring solar activity. Several intersecting stories have the cooking show or Tiffany's cookbook in common, from Holly the perfectio...

  • Episode 2: Reality Sets In

    Holly who has dissed Carol, her prepper sister, is stranded in an urban area. The girls of the cooking show take longer for the reality to set in, until they talk to their neighbor Mr. Buchanan. Briana grabs her go-bag and leaves school, while Dan and his mom plan to get the home-school kids back...

  • Episode 3: Stages of Survival

    Holly awakens to the reality that she has to travel over three hundred miles to reach her sister’s camp, while Briana wakes up in the woods, all alone. The cooking show crew discusses their bountiful food supply while people in the urban areas are breaking into stores to survive. Skylar makes a d...

  • Episode 4: Our Numbers Have Grown

    The girls venture out and soon discover the utter chaos and destruction all around them, with many people in need, who's fate they are forced to decide. Meanwhile Bubba goes to town to check on his gun store. Briana is found after surviving weeks on her own, while Holly fights off attackers in th...

  • Episode 5: Our New World

    The numbers have grown from the seven girls to eighteen people on the farm who need to learn to work together to survive. The discussion of surviving vs. thriving begins as Sophie, the voice of wisdom argues for both sides. Briana begins going into the woods to escape the coarseness of the preppe...

  • Episode 6: Saving the Buchanans

    Nora moves to step up security after the Buchanans are attacked, while her sisters disagree with her tactics. Tiffany begins to show signs of a nervous breakdown. Holly has a unique encounter with a rural family on her journey home. The co-op meets to discuss survival options.

  • Episode 7 Angst 07262018

  • Episode 8 Road Trip 07262018

  • Episode 9 Invasion 07262018

  • Episode 10 Return to town to barter 06282018 Hyrbrid Soundtrack

  • Episode 11 Kidnapping 07312018

  • Episode 12 Wedding 07262018